What Would Buddy Do?
At least they’re not bringing up the Santa-Claus-and-snowballs thing
Posted on December 18th, 2008 at 6:17 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Well, I suppose we should all be flattered.

Check about the above clip (about a month old) from HBO’s The Life and Times of Tim, kicks in about the 3:20 mark.

The premise is that Tim takes his girlfriend’s dad (a big Birds fan) to Giants stadium to hang out with Tim and his buddies (Giants fans all).  While there, the girlfriend’s dad is repeatedly insulted by loathsome and uncouth Giants fans, with the phrase “Suck It, Philly” as the unifying thematic element.

Some thoughts:

1.  At the risk of encouraging the Giants fans in my life, that’s a pretty solid catchphrase, and one I expect to hear quite a bit in the coming months/ years.

2.  As was observed on the e-mail string that brought me this clip as well as the comments on YouTube, um, it sort of seems like the Philly and New York fan roles are a bit reversed in this video.  As in, you’d expect it was the Eagles fan that peed on the Giants fan’s shoes.

3.  That said (a), we’ll take it.  For once, the joke isn’t about the thuggish Philly faithful and their Santa-hating snowballs and their in-stadium jail cells.

4.  That said (b), it’s kind of like they’re calling us sissies.  We’d better find someone’s shoes to pee on!

5.  They definitely don’t serve cheesesteaks at the Meadowlands.  The food there is effing awful.

6.  Insulted as I was, I really enjoyed: “‘It’ means ‘penis’ and that’s why there’s an arrow pointing to it.”

(HT Joe Z.)

Lito to Tampa really brings out the Negadelphian in me
Posted on April 25th, 2008 at 7:49 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

i effing hate you rondeIt is truly a measure of the efficacy of my years of conditioning as a loser Philadelphia sports fan that the mention of a Lito Sheppard trade to the Bucs immediately initiated the following sequence in my brain:

“The Bucs?  I hate the Bucs.  They sure seem to have the Birds’ number.”

“(Though I do have a soft spot for the America’s Game about the ‘02 Bucs; lots of good stuff about the Vet and Gru-Dawg in there.)”

“Wait, and why do I think that the Bucs have the Birds’ number?  Because that Ronde Barber guy is always intercepting passes and scoring touchdowns.”

“(I hate that Ronde Barber.  Makes me want to puke.)”

“Wait, isn’t Lito Sheppard pretty good at intercepting passes and scoring touchdowns?  Especially in big games?”

“(Sort of.  Mostly against Dallas, and that’s good enough for me.)”

“OH NO!  Lito Sheppard is going to get traded to Tampa and then he’s going to, like, intercept some important passes and score touchdowns that knock the Eagles out of the playoffs.”

You WISH I was kidding here.  Essentially, the thought of a Lito trade to the Bucs is almost enough to sour my favorite Youtube clip ever


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