What Would Buddy Do?
Andy Reid in not-so-slimming horizontal stripes?
Posted on December 18th, 2008 at 3:00 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Now competing with Kendra Wilkinson’s MySpace Pics and the Phillies new ballgirls on Philly.com is a charming Andy Reid photo retrospectivepreslimmingblack7.jpg

Obviously, the good stuff is found in the (chronologically) early part of the set, which features not just one, but two photos of Big Red controversially clad in something other than Slimming Black.

Yes, you can imagine my shock and astonishment when I stumbled upon these.  Especially since it’s not like he’s wearing midnight green in lieu of the now-favored black.

No no, Big Red seems to have been briefly convinced that it was a good idea for a dude pushing 330 to wear horizontal stripes.  Did Tammy sign off on this?

Anyhoo, it’s worth flipping through the photos if only to enjoy gems like Andy eating ice cream and Andy in a Hawaiian shirt (+ utility belt) at the Pro Bowl.

Au revoir Slimming Black? Andy Reid wearing shirts with green trim; balance of football universe noticeably altered
Posted on October 2nd, 2008 at 12:21 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie


Say it ain’t so, Big Red!

For years, Andy Reid’s game-day wardrobe has echoed the tastes of Supreme Court justices and obscure Flemish architects with complicated eyewear; that is, he has exclusively worn the color black on the sidelines. And by black, we clearly mean “Slimming Black.”

This has long since been a point of pride for yours truly, not just in the consistency of his approach (very Andy Reid) but also in the prudence of his strategy (all that black does confuse the eye a bit, and perhaps suggest that the big fella isn’t pushing three fitty, temporarily fending off those who might propose an intervention on behalf of his beleaguered cardiovascular system). Said point of pride has occasionally led me to get into minor spats with the sort of people who might also have opinions on this topic, but I’d appreciate it if you didn’t judge me too harshly on that front.


This season, however, Andy Reid has taken the controversial decision to wear black with a bit of green trim around the shoulders. That is, he has sullied the otherwise unblemished purity of his sartorial approach — but to what end? Is this some sort of larger signal? Are we supposed to read a certain softening to Reid’s approach in his wardrobe choices? Is this somehow tied to his decision to give the rookies more playing time? Or to the 30-plus club in training camp? What might we read into this titanic change? WHAT?

Personally, I’m aghast that this question has yet to be addressed in any of Coach Reid’s media engagements; surely this is the sort of thing that doesn’t escape the notice of the assembled press!


It’s worth noting, however, that Coach Reid has kept his utility belt (”The hardest working belt in the NFL” (TM)) in place. As with most things, change is best handled in incremental doses. Baby steps, baby steps.